NCVF Rules committee

The primary duty of the Rules Committee is to provide guidance and interpretations of the playing rules which will be used in the upcoming season.   Additionally, the committee provides recommendations to the NCVF Directors for changes, modifications, and alterations to the playing rules for their consideration and approval.

All rule interpretations are geared toward the National Championships, such as:

  1. Playing with 5 players and a "ghost player";
  2. Uniform requirements;
  3. Others as applicable.

It is our hope that all NCVF competitions across the country will use the same rules and reduce the number of issues arising at the National Championship Tournament.

Ric Washburn / Dan Kitchel / Ray Mink

nCVF Playing rules

NCVF uses the USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) with modifications designed to promote growth.  The complete DCR (pdf version) is available here:  USAV DCR

Uniform requirements FAQ

Teams should review the Uniform Requirements FAQ for understanding and clarifications on uniform requirements.  To assist us in this effort, please direct any questions, comments, and concerns to the email address below.  We will attempt to respond within 24 hours Monday thru Friday and Monday morning for emails received after 5:00pm on Friday.

Please use the email:

Using other NCVF leadership emails will result in delaying responses, since those emails are forwarded to us for response.