About Us

The National Collegiate Volleyball Federation, Inc. (NCVF) is a non-profit corporation formed in cooperation with collegiate club volleyball commissioners and representatives from throughout the United States. The primary purpose of the organization is to promote health, education and leadership for male and female collegiate club volleyball student athletes.  It is the only nationally oriented organization in the United States formed specifically to promote organized collegiate club volleyball opportunities for men and women.

As an independently administered organization, the NCVF is comprised of individuals whose grassroots philanthropic efforts have helped create and expand collegiate club leagues and organized playing opportunities for over three decades.  The NCVF has a board of directors, officers, committees and councils that draw leadership from NCVF recognized collegiate club volleyball league commissioners, administrators, alumni, and a cadre of amazing volunteers and professional service organizations.

The heart and soul of the NCVF are the thousands of NCVF collegiate club volleyball participants who organize and operate hundreds of registered student organizations at colleges and universities across America.  Clubs are responsible to plan, budget, fundraise and administer year-long activities in order to offer every day students the opportunity to proudly represent their schools. Students compete in NCVF recognized club leagues and a series of NCVF classified competitions each year, while ensuring compliance with school, league, club and NCVF policies. They engage in community outreach, host events, and with the support of family members, club advisors, friends and many others, create a dedicated culture of opportunity that fuels interest and participation each year.

The NCVF supports student clubs by promoting best practices, publishing player eligibility rules, behavior and sportsmanship standards and offering assistance to a full range of student inspired activities that promote sports values, entrepreneurship, community outreach and leadership. The NCVF operates team and event registration systems, formats and seeds events, classifies and compiles competition results, publishes top 25 polls, and identifies all-tournament award recipients. We proudly act as an opportunity advocate for of club volleyball athletes nationwide and work to develop sponsorship and discount programs that offer real and tangible benefits.

The crown jewel of the NCVF is the season-ending NCVF National Championship Tournament.  This event draws over five thousand NCVF registered participants from across America each year and is widely recognized as the largest intercollegiate volleyball tournament in the world.  Following its incorporation in 2008, the NCVF contracted with USA Volleyball to help NCVF produce this amazing event.  USA Volleyball is a non-profit organization which is recognized as the national governing body of volleyball in the United States by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball and the United States Olympic Committee.

The NCVF National Championship tournament was first organized by Gary Colberg in 1985 who collaborated with key club promoters and professionals from throughout the country to produce and direct the annual championship event.  It has grown every year since its inception. Gary helped spearhead the formation of the NCVF in 2008 and served as an original member of the NCVF Board of Directors.  He was a proponent of all things volleyball until his death in 2016.  For over three decades, Gary Colberg’s vision inspired and mentored thousands of club volleyball promoters, players and participants.

In keeping with long-standing club sports traditions, the NCVF encourages students to pursue the value of self-made opportunities by honing interpersonal communication, sportsmanship, time management and other critical life skills. We embolden respect for diversity and inclusion by encouraging philanthropy and the lifetime benefit of knowing how to be a loyal team member, both on and off the court.  Many former NCVF players sustain their competitive passions by continuing to play volleyball, coach, referee, administrator and promote a wide range of sport-inspired activities.  Thousands are employed in professional careers throughout the world, making positive and lasting contributions to their families and communities by exercising the many life skills they honed while participating as a member of a registered NCVF club volleyball team.

The NCVF seeks to sustain the growth of what was once organized as just a small collegiate club volleyball tournament into what has become a national collaboration and celebration of sporting values.  NCVF club alliances have yielded more than just a single national championship event – they produce team synergies, networking opportunities, friendships and a cultural infrastructure that is rejuvenated with the coming of each new school year. 

The NCVF has emerged as a vanguard 21st Century organization with a proven record of promoting lifetime opportunities for a very discerning and loyal collegiate club volleyball community.