Tournament Hotline

Team Travel Delays/Emergency Onsite Contact - READ BELOW BEFORE CALLING THIS NUMBER.

Keep us posted on any travel problems that will cause delay to your mandatory team check (i.e. - weather problems delaying flights) by contacting us at Championship Emergency Tournament Hotline Number. This phone number will not be activated until April 10, 2018.   Calls for any other reasons than those listed below will not be addressed on this phone.

The Emergency Hotline should only be used for the following reasons: 

  1. Teams to communicate any URGENT issues with team attendance at the tournament
  2. Teams to communicate any travel delays and issues with arriving for team registration/captains meeting on Wednesday  
  3. An EMERGENCY number for parents or school administrators to reach participants for Emergencies Only!
  4. Emergency Tournament Hotline Number: (281) 223-6800.