2018 NCVF RECognized tournaments/results

9/30/2017   University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
$150/ $125 Fellowship Event Cade Duvel  
10/7/2017 2018 Show-Me Classic Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO
$250 Fellowship Event Brenden Stealey  
10/28/17- 10/29/17    UCLA
Los Angeles, CA
$250 Fellowship Event Craig Lamb  
11/4/17- 11/15/17   Boston University
Boston, MA
$295 Fellowship Event Jakov Kendes  
11/11/17 - 11/12/17 Hardwood Classic Michigan State 
East Lansing, MI
$350/ $300 Fellowship Event Riley Anson  
12/9/2017   Davenport University
Grand Rapids, MI
$100 Fellowship Event David Vander Meer  
1/27/2018 Butler Bulldog Classic Butler University
Indianapolis, IN
$125 Fellowship Event Johnny McDonald Results
1/27/18- 1/28/18  Falcon Invitational Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO
$135 Regulation Event Brendan Wood  
2/17/18- 2/18/18 Midwest D2 Invitational MWPVC/ WVC
Menomonee Falls, WI
$350 Regulation Event Nick Collins Results
2/17/18- 2/18/18  Far Westerns UC Davis
Davis, CA
$500 Regulation Event César Godoy Results
2/17/2018 Bud Fields Spring Classic University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN
$150/ $100 Fellowship Event Jordan Kaiser  
2/24/2018   Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL
$125 Fellowship Event Jerry Morales Results
2/24/18- 2/25/18 Hoosier-Illini Classic Indiana U/ U of Illinois
Bloomington, IN
$350 Regulation Event Alec Garwood Results
3/16/18- 3/17/18 West Region Challenge SCCVL
Anaheim, CA
$395 Regulation Event Jimmy Lundgren Results
3/31/2018   Davenport University
Grand Rapids, MI
$100 Regulation Event David Vander Meer  


men's tournaments

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men's Results

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Conference Commissioners/Tournament Directors

Complete and forward all tournament and conference results in the Men's Results Spreadsheet. The link for this information will be posted above next to the tournament information and will be considered for national polls. E-mail the spreadsheet to Joseanna  within 48 hours of the completion of the event. Only results submitted using the Men's Results Spreadsheet will be posted to this page.

This tournament list is provided as a service only and is based on host submissions.  The NCVF classifies listed events based on host submissions and in accord with the general definitions found at NCVF Event Classification Guidelines,.  Regardless of how a listing is classified, the NCVF is not endorsing any listed event or making any express or implied representation regarding the quality, safety or any other aspect of a listed event, and, may accept or reject any listing.  The NCVF reserves the right to consider results of any listed events for ranking and seeding purposes, in accord with the event classification definitions described on the NCVF website.