men's tournaments

To learn more about the NCVF Event Classification Guidelines, please read the NCVF Event Classification document.

To post of an event on the NCVF website, login to your team account and select the “Tournament Menu” link.

Please see the Listserve page for instructions on announcing your event on the NCVF Listserve.

men's Results

For any tournament posted on the NCVF website, all results must be submitted by the official tournament director, the commissioner, or representative for an associated conference within 48 hours of the event or the team will lose access to posting future events.   If you do not see results for your team from a particular event on the website, then they have not been submitted in the appropriate format to the NCVF by the event host.

Conference Commissioners/Tournament Directors

Post all league/conference events and add results in order to submit to the NCVF. All results must be posted to be considered for national polls and final tournament seeding.

2019 NCVF RECognized tournaments/results

2019 League/Conference tournaments/results

This tournament list is provided as a service only and is based on host submissions.  The NCVF classifies listed events based on host submissions and in accord with the general definitions found at NCVF Event Classification Guidelines,.  Regardless of how a listing is classified, the NCVF is not endorsing any listed event or making any express or implied representation regarding the quality, safety or any other aspect of a listed event, and, may accept or reject any listing.  The NCVF reserves the right to consider results of any listed events for ranking and seeding purposes, in accord with the event classification definitions described on the NCVF website.